MeNA is a Dubai based investment bank, which provides a wide range of financial services dedicated to serve the needs of institutions, investors and corporates in the Middle East and North Africa region (“MENA”).

MeNA has been established by a select group of prominent GCC investors, who bring substantial experience and strong business presence in a diverse range of markets, industries and regions



To be recognized as a trusted partner for institutions, investors and companies in the MENA region.



To spearhead the growth of financial services through the delivery of top notch services, product innovation, cross border expansion and diligent human capital development and investment.



As an independent and trusted advisor, MeNA seeks to build trust and long-term relationships with its broad range of clients such as privately owned companies, publicly listed companies, private equity houses, high net worth individuals, family offices, sovereign linked companies, quasi-sovereign firms… etc.

MeNA understands that the business needs of each client are unique and change frequently. Therefore, our approach is to develop tailor-made solutions that address both the immediate as well as longer term financial and strategic business goals of our clients. 

MeNA’s services are professional, specialized and discreet. We view each transaction that we undertake as a building block to an enduring long-term relationship with our client.

MeNA strives to adapt international best practices to the local needs of its clients. Having gained expertise both globally as well as in local markets, our professionals are best placed to understand the intricacies of local markets as well as tap into global best practices to deliver results that benefit clients the most.

MeNA is committed to providing the best technical and practically feasible solutions that take into account the client’s longer term needs and add value to our clients and not on deriving maximum mileage from individual deals or juggling conflicts typical to larger banks.